Project Crossroads

Crossroads logoIn ancient times, Pagans would leave offerings of food to the Gods of the crossroads, in the knowledge that this food would eventually be taken by the homeless and the needy. In this way, religious obligations were also a means of extending charity to those who needed it.

This ancient practice is from where Project Crossroads takes it name.

Project Crossroads is part of the charitable work of The Pagan Federation London. Through it, we seek to provide aid in the form of food and resources, to homeless people in London.

Unlike most charities, we do not ask for money. Like everything in The Pagan Federation, Project Crossroads is powered by volunteers – real people, making a direct contribution to the people being helped.

Our volunteers get out on the street, handing out food and whatever else we can source for those in need.

We can’t afford to build homeless shelters – we wish we could. But what little we can do, we will do.

Project Crossroads is not missionary work. We do not want converts and have got no intention of “spreading the word of Paganism”. We just want to help.  To this end, we hold regular drives at our events, to gather donations of clothing and food, which is later distributed to London’s rough sleepers.