Pagan Youth

PF Youth LogoWe’ve seen that too often, young people are a segment of society that is overlooked and little catered for. We want our Pagan community to be different. We recognise that young people are a pat of modern Paganism, too. Indeed, a very significant part: Tomorrow’s Elders are here today!

Youth is defined by the United Nations as being between the ages of 15 and 24. The age limit for joining the PF is 16, therefore Pagan Federation Youth covers Pagans between the ages of 16 and 24.

In addition, The Pagan Federation is currently developing a broad range of resources for your people, which will be launching soon.

For young Pagans in London, we recommend the Pagan Threads Moot!

Pagan Threads
A monthly coffee shop moot for: Newcomers, Seekers, Solitaries, and Young People. Exploring the Wheel of the Year, and ideas on Divinity, Worship, Magic and Ritual, in peer led discussion.
Central London, 1st Thursday Monthly, 7 – 9, £1
For more information please contact:

You can also find Pagan Threads on Facebook.