The Pagan Federation works closely with the media, all across the UK and internationally.

We are happy to speak to representatives of the media and provide information, statements and interviews to reputable media organisations.  However, please be aware that Pagans are just as normal as everyone else, with jobs, families, friends.  Old, young, rich, poor, with many different backgrounds, occupations and interests.  As such, Pagans and Paganism are not a source for sensationalism.

Paganism is a minority religious group, encompassing a wide variety of people, groups, practices and beliefs.

If you wish to speak to a Pagan Federation officer, about a media engagement, please email:

Please be aware, that the earlier you contact us, the higher the chance that we will be able to help you – particularly if your media engagement is intended to coincide with one of our festivals.

Note:  We do not allow filming or photography at our events.  This is to ensure the privacy of those attending.




If you are a teacher in the London area and wish to have a representative attend your school to speak with the students, please contact our District Manager at:

If you are seeking educational materials on Paganism, we recommend: Paganism at RE Online


We get many requests from students at college and university, who are intending to do a project or paper on Paganism.  We support your efforts and are happy to answer questions you may have, via email.  Please email our District Manager at:

If you want to talk to someone face to face, we recommend that you attend one of our events or one of the many Pagan moots in London.  This is the best way to have an informal talk and experience a little bit of Paganism in London.

If you wish something more formal, like an interview, we may be able to help you, but please contact us first.  Do not simply turn up to an event in the hope of interviewing someone.

For students wanting to take pictures or shoot footage of one of our events:  We do not allow photography or filming at our events.  This is to ensure the privacy and comfort of everyone attending.  So please do not ask.


General Inquiries

For all inquiries regarding Paganism in London, our events, etc.  please contact:

For all general inquiries for The Pagan Federation, please use the contact form on the main Pagan Federation website.