The Celebrants Registry is a listing of people who offer services as Pagan Celebrants.  Celebrants perform a number of functions, including handfastings, funerals and similar life rites.

All Celebrants listed here are independent agents and are not affiliated with or endorsed by, The Pagan Federation.



Francesca Hardy

Change, growth, occasion & loss are all significant parts of our existence. A growing percentage of the population defines itself as non-religious. As a celebrant I believe that everyone should have the right to choose if their ceremony will be nonreligious or spiritual.

I have been running my own witchcraft business for 10 + years and have assisted people in conducting various magickal ceremonies. In 2014 I qualified as a celebrant and have since been performing Handfastings & Baby ceremonies.

Services Offered: Baby Naming Ceremonies / Wiccaning, Blessings / Cleansings, Funerals, Handfasting, Other Rites of Passage

Price Range:  £100 – £200

Location: South London

Email: francesca@childofbones.com


Angelique Pallance

Celebrant Pagan funerals, humanist funerals, Don’t worry if you have lost a loved one and do not know what to do. I can advice and help you from notification of death to organising the funeral.

I have years of experience of dealing with death from illness to funeral. I can help individuals to deal with a passing from finding or viewing a body to organising the funeral , conducting the service and help and guidance with everything I between ie legal and practical.

Services Offered: Funerals

Price Range:  Expenses only

Location:  Central London

Email:  Angpalla@hotmail.com