Pride in London

The Pagan Federation would like to express our disappointment at the efforts of a small group of protesters to make the London Pride Parade less than welcoming to transgender people.  Such hate and bigotry has no place in the community and we are pleased to see that Pride in London are taking on board the upset and hurt caused to the Transgender and wider LGBTQIA community.


Picture credit:  BBC

We at the Pagan Federation condemn the actions of the trans-exclusionary group in the strongest possible terms and would like to take this opportunity to express our love and solidarity to our LGBTQIA members.image

The Pagan Federation wholeheartedly believes in inclusion and acceptance of all people, regardless of gender, sexuality or relationship diversity. We firmly believe that people of all genders and sexualities, particularly including Trans people, should be included, cherished and supported.

Alex Bear
LGBTQIA National manager
On behalf of The Pagan Federation

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