Concessions Extended

We at PF-London, like to do all we can to make life a bit easier for our community.  As such, we have decided to extended the concessions policy for our events.

Growing-Funds_052217500wPreviously, we offered concessions on our event prices, to Pagan Federation members, elderly patrons and unemployed patrons.  Now, we’d like to offer concessions to more groups.  So, from now on, our concessions policy applies to Pensioners, Unemployed, Students, Teachers, NHS staff, Police, Firefighters.

Of course, we’re continuing to offer the concession rate to pensioners and also the unemployed (for whatever reason, including disability).  But now, we also want to do what we can to help out those in our community who work tirelessly in these other essential roles.  We recognise that teachers, police officers, and NHS staff are often made to work long hours, in roles that are currently experiencing additional pressures.  So, we would like to help in whatever little way we can.

Our concessions apply to all of our events, from our open rituals, to our conferences.  Sometimes the saving might be as little as a pound, at other times it may be as much as five pounds.  But we hope that every bit, no matter how small, can be helpful.

Over the past year, it has been great to see more and more young people attending our events – many of whom are students at college or university.  We’d like to help those students to continue coming along to our events, so we’re extending our concessions to them, too.

It’s our hope that every extra pound in your pocket, makes your life a little bit better.

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