Review: The Last Keepers


This movie is a good salve against the usual Hollywood witchcraft movies that have come before. Of course, its depiction of witches and witchcraft is fantastical, though the Pagan link is clear.

The Last Keepers tells the story of a family of hippyish artists, living on the edge of a small American town. Friendly and generally liked by the townsfolk, the family tends to keep to itself and privately practices its inherited Pagan faith, away from prying eyes. But they also have a secret; the women in the family each possess an unusual gift.

The story focuses on Rhea, the family’s teenage daughter, who has to contend with the usual high school dramas of any girl her age. Though, her eccentric eco-friendly ways put her as somewhat of a misfit, compared to her peers.
Her world becomes a mixed up place, when the two forces of love and magic collide, as she falls for a boy and simultaneously has to deal with her new emerging gifts.
But can she live up to her family’s hopes for her or will her mother’s troubling prophecy come to pass?

This movie is a little slow to start, but that allows you to better understand the characters and their world. The word that seems to best to describe this movie, is “quaint”. The story, though alluding to larger things, is pleasingly small. It places focus on the social and emotional struggles of a small circle of people, rather than filling the screen with epic special effects and a tale of earth-shattering consequence.
This is a nice film to settle down with on an evening in.
Worth a watch.

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