Review: Lord of Tears


Hex Media bring us this startling horror offering, set in the remote Scottish countryside. As a horror film, it will most likely not be to everyone’s taste, but it is also not your conventional horror.
Sarah Daly (writer) and Lawrie Brewster (director) conjure an occult mystery that is genuinely creepy and often unnerving.

Lord of Tears tells the story of James Findley, a school teacher who is drawn back to his childhood home, following the death of his estranged mother. An enigmatic final message from his mother, causes him to question his own past and the mystery of what may be buried in his subconscious.
Plagued by visions of a terrifying entity, he seeks to uncover the mystery of what he has somehow forgotten.

What is perhaps most exceptional, is the depiction of Pagan elements in this tale. While ancient Pagans and their practices are depicted in a bloody and horrific way, as is so often the case in the horror genre, the idea of Pagan deities and spirits is given a far more profound treatment. Though often terrifying, it is not because they are monsters or evil, per se, but more because they are unfathomable beings that defy our comprehension. It is, in fact, quite refreshing to have Pagan cosmology treated in this way – acknowledging that there are dark, incomprehensible things out there, accepting that they may be scary, but not automatically equating those elements with evil. If anything, this movie presents the idea that humans are the monstrous ones, for how they interact with these otherworldly beings.

Expect a few chills from this movie, as well as the joy of finding a film that offers something original. Indeed, this is a true ‘scary movie’ in that it manages to invoke fear, without resorting to gore. Instead, the film makers have relied on a heavy sense of atmosphere, coupled with unsettling imagery.

If you don’t like scary movies, then this one may not be for you. But if you like something with a bit of mystery and creepiness, then this is a must see!

Lord of Tears can be purchased directly from Hex Media:

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