Review: Into The Woods


An utterly fantastic film and a definite treat for those who love both visually stunning cinema and the musical brilliance of the stage.

Those unfamiliar with the stage show of the same name, might be unaware of just how musical this movie is. It is a wonderland of song from start to finish. If you’re a fan of musical theatre, then you are in for a treat. Written by the amazing Stephen Sondheim, it is an extravaganza of both lyrics and composition, brought to life by an outstanding cast of great actors.

Leading the trope (and in many ways stealing the show) is the brilliant Meryl Streep, who plays a powerful witch, whose machinations drive the story forward, as she inspires a quest to bring together a collection of well known fairy tale items, for use in a spell. The quest’s leading man is a rather unprepared baker, played by James Corden, who along with his wife (Emily Blunt) is pushed into an adventure that brings them face to face with a selection of classic fairy tales, including Cinderella, Red Hiding Hood and Jack & the Bean Stalk.

It is wonderful to see Corden playing such a large Hollywood role and showing that his unassuming demeanor can really lend itself to such a big movie. By his side and driving him forwards, Emily Blunt makes a fantastic leading lady, drawing from her seasoned screen experience to play a character that is both domestically humble and strong.

However, the one to watch is definitely young actress Lilla Crawford, who breaks onto the screen from relative obscurity to deliver a performance that has surely set her onto the road to stardom. Crawford plays the sweet, cheeky and occasionally dangerous, Little Red Riding Hood. Alongside Johnny Depp as the Wolf, the two give a very fun performance.

Fans of fairy tales surely can’t help but love this film, particularly as it manages to all at once hold onto the essential essence of the Brothers Grimm, while at the same time re-imagining them into a fantastical singular narrative.

Into The Woods is brilliant and must be seen!

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