PF-London March in Pride

The Pride Festival takes place from Saturday 24 June to Sunday 9 July 2017, with the Parade and main events on Saturday 8 July 2017.

More information on Pride In London, available at:



The parade team are pleased to announce the running order for the Pride In London Parade 2017. Your group, Pagan Federation has been positioned in section F. This position is finalised, and we can no longer accept special requests for positioning. We have tried to meet as many of the requests we received as possible, but not all requests could be met. Thank you for your understanding regarding this.

Parade Form Up
The only entry into the Parade Form Up area is at the top of Portland Place, where Portland Place meets Park Crescent. As per the parade briefings, you will be required to arrive during your groups entry time window, where you will be met by parade team volunteers and directed to your waiting position.

Walking Groups
Walking Groups (people on a float and/or a walking group) should arrive between 13:30 and 14:15. Please arrive during this window, only. If you arrive early you may not be admitted into form up. If a group arrives after the window, you may be asked to move to the back of the parade, as it may not be possible for you to pass through to your parade section.

All people in the Parade (both Parade form up and Parade route) must have a wristband. Your group has been allocated 25. This year the parade has reached capacity, so we sadly cannot increase the number of wristbands for any group.

Other ways to be involved
There are still other opportunities to be part of Pride in London 2017. We have some great volunteer opportunities including a number of roles with the parade team, and other prides around the county you to attend.

We have a limited number of wristbands, please do not ask for one unless you are 100% committed to turning up, in the right place, at the right time, to be part of the group. Pride is a massive thing to arrange and they need us to cooperate at every step for everyone’s safety and the smooth running of the parade.

We are forming a list of 25 people who have asked for one of them as we will need to know in advance who wants to be in the walking group.

NB: Walking does not mean compulsory walking if you have mobility problems – wheelchairs etc. are obviously allowed – Pride have a special accessibility team for people who want to be in the parade but have accessibility requirements, message me about this if in doubt!

NB. Rainbow Pagans UK also have a group in Pride and in fact I think have more wristbands than us so they could be a group to join/message about it too if we run out of wristbands.

Even if you can’t join us in our walking group, come along to cheer everyone on from the sidelines, as the parade goes by!

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